A selection of projects ranging from user experience, interface and industrial design to packaging, graphics, interior and photography.

Move - a relocation manager

Taking part in a further education in User Experience Design. As a practical project a task manager app was designed and proto-typed. The app helps people who plan to relocate to a foreign country and provides a prearranged task list including relevant documents.

The course went through the whole design process of creating a responsive web app. It included User-Centered thinking and Heu-ristics of usability. The process started with research, interviews, surveys and usability testing following user personas, information architecture and sitemaps.

First wireframe sketches were created, further developed and the user flows tested. A click prototype was build and the mockup de-tailed. The UI kit, the style guide and high fidelity wireframes were designed, again tested and finalized.

Career foundry ux course 2018 / ux/ui

Hub - navigation & logistic system

The TomTom Hub is an open, fully customizable device bringing applications and navigation together. It brings even more freedom by providing a display agnostic alternative, allowing companies to work with any type of business architecture and keeping them connected to their vehicles, whilst using latest technology available in the market.

The design process started with research and analysis of installing and usage of the product - understanding how the mount and the internal components drive the volume and shape. Furthermore developing the look & feel of the product and its functional design elements, always having the product range design identity in mind. Finally the details and cmf were defined and communicated to the manufacturer.

TomTom 2016 / industrial

Touch - fitness tracker


Touch, a simple and unisex fitness tracker, not only tracks your activity and gives information about your heartbeat but it also measures your body composition giving you a better feedback how fit you are. Further you can receive phone notifications without having to reach for your phone.

Initially started with concepts for a fitness tracker focusing on the female users who mostly prefers an easy to use, fashionable and flexible product. The soft-ness of the device and its minimal but elegant look underlines both the feminine and unisex usability. The flexible and fabric like wrist band fits well to various outfits, from the sporty to the casual smart ones.

TomTom 2015 / wearable

BD player


This Blu-ray player for the European and US market can be placed in an horizontal and vertical position. The design is minimalistic and features a compact and unique square body. The style focus on an interior conscious and connected device.

The images show the process of the deveolpment of the player. After quick sketching sessions various concepts for a media player were made. First mock ups were printed and details like the front bottom defined.

The finishes like blast silver, hairline and in-mold textures were discussed and refined according to the player‘s line-up. Several samples were produced by the manufacturer and checked after-wards. When the final design was locked down, artwork and labels were created.


Toshiba 2014 / industrial



This display was developed for the Berlin company pickme. It functions not only as an advertising pillar but also as a brochure, flyer and magazine dispenser. It was first introduced at public viewing event areas during the Football World Championship in 2010.


Coordination Berlin 2010 / public design

Sora - hair styling

Development of the Interior design for Sora, a hairdressers shop in Tokyo. The place used to be a café and certain elements were preserved giving the shop an historical impression. The straight and elemental concept uses a gradiation of different wood colours to create vibrancy and natural atmosphere.

Keisuke Fujiwara Design Office 2008 / interior

Vio - animation


VIO is a navigation system with a second screen designed for motor scooters.It streams the content from your smartphone on the waterproof device which is mounted on the mirror or handle bar of your scooter. A couple of animations using Keyshot Pro were created for explaining the main features and showing how the product is installed.


TomTom 2016 / animation

Protein Bar


Conceptional designs for a protein were developed. For this purpose, the brand „Weider“ is taken as a reference. The following varieties will be available in the assortement: Brownie-chocolate-crisp, Vanilla-joghurt-crisp and Strawberry-chocolate-crisp. Additionally a design for the tray is developed. The design should be based on the classic protein bar in a modern style. An association of bright, showy and strong should be created.

2018 / packaging

Reefcheck - shirt graphics


Reefcheck is a worldwide organisation doing research on coral reefs and its environment. Information about the quality of reefs is provided on their website.I designed new branding items for their online shop.


Reefcheck 2009 / graphics / volunteer



The last years photography became a more and more ambitious hobby for me. It started with still life, landscape and architecture shots but continued with various kinds of people photography. It is now part of my creative life, considering aspects like composition, styling, location, aperture and lighting. The images are not only a copy of the reality they are furthermore telling a story about the objects and persons within the picture. Photographs are always an interpretation of the world, so they can be shaped and manipulated to achieve a certain purpose.